Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Bit about Enthiran

Recently I watching Enthiran movie @ Express Avenue, Chennai on 10/10/2010. Frankly speaking, I am not that much moved by the Movie. But I liked the theatre much than the movie. The movie was quite entertaining that I admit till the Interval. After that, it was too boring except a scene I like it very much.

In the climax, the Huge Robo man was chasing Vasigaran (Rajni) and Sana (Ishwarya) who were in a Bus. Rajni was busy on writing a Computer Worm. He takes a Test Tube (it seems) put it in a drive something like below.

And he continue typing the worm. Finally, he talk the infected Test Tube and put it in a Launcher (I don’t know what name to use here) and shoot it at the Robo man. You may ask what’s interesting in there. You see the drive in the above image, is nothing but,

It is a calculator. I really doubt that the movie worth that much budget in the first place.